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Internal Communications

UU Libraries: Faculty Research Engagement

Introduction and Problem Statement

The University of Utah Library System recently formed a Faculty Research Committee, representing each Library within the University of Utah. The goal with the committee was to increase library faculty engagement by meeting research requirements. Many of the library faculty focus on teaching and neglect the research portion of their positions. University Leadership has extended a challenge that library faculty must spend 20% of the 40-hour workweek dedicated to research efforts.


Research Methods

To gain insight into the structure, culture, and leadership surrounding the library research efforts, a research activity survey was distributed to faculty and an open forum was conducted. Through evaluation of survey and forum results, the following was discovered.

Key Findings

  • There is a significant disconnect in communication between faculty and leadership. Faculty are sluggish in their approach to maintaining research requirements.

  • Faculty struggle with a lack of research ideas and where to start. 

  • The current structure surrounding research expectations highlights the library faculty issue with campus administration.

Key Recommendations

  • The recommendations found below will assist the Faculty Research Committee in supporting the libraries' faculty to increase their engagement efforts.

  • Hold department meetings with respective Associate Deans to discuss priorities and strategies to free up more time for research

  • Host TED-style talks by faculty outside the Library about their research, grants, service projects

  • Create a Community of Practice group for research that sponsors webinars, forums, small group work, etc.

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