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Strategy Portfolio

Internal Communication

The University of Utah Library System  formed a Faculty Research Committee, representing each Library within the University of Utah. The goal of the committee is to increase library faculty engagement by meeting research requirements. University Leadership extended a challenge that library faculty must spend 20% of the 40-hour workweek dedicated to research efforts.

I created a Recommendations report for the Faculty Research Committee.


The McCluskey Center at the University of Utah
serves as a national leader in the effort to eliminate
relationship and sexual violence (RSV) among U.S.
college students. 

An initial interview with the center ’s Program Coordinator, revealed the desire to increase awareness of and participation in the center, especially among students at the university, and a strategic plan was born.

Wall of ideas

Branding and Design

I conducted this project with a team of Strategic Communication specialists with the goal to analyze The Hive Winery and Brandy Company's marketing efforts and develop three recommendations as to how the organization could improve its visual branding.


After presenting our research findings and recommendations, we executed the design work associated with each recommendation. 

Graphic Designer Working

Integrated Marketing

Working with the Events Management Team at The Leonardo Museum, I created a comprehensive Integrated Marketing Communications Plan.

From the results of all research, findings, and data collected, I created marketing objectives, strategies, and tactics to produce deliberate and intentional approaches to help strengthen marketing efforts and achieve overall goals and benchmarks. 

Business Team
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