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A Bit About Me

Strategist. Communicator. Manager. Integrator. Confidant.

My overarching goal as an individual is to make a positive impact on the communities I interact with, personally and professionally.


I have spent my career assisting C-Suite executives through project and program management with experience ranging from grant applications to event organization, and from analyzing and interpreting data to management and strategic development for my executives. 

I have the acumen for project management, analysis, and effective communication, and I enjoy ensuring the success of those around me by following each idea from conception to completion. 

As a culmination of my work experience, I have found that my attention to detail, calm demeanor, and solution-driven attitude prove beneficial to project strategy and successful implementation. With the opportunity to work on countless projects ranging from communications and donor relations to research and reporting, I have developed a passion for delivering intentional practices and empowering coworkers to understand each task's mission and focus and how it supports the department's strategic plan. I work diligently to provide an extreme level of critical thought, consistent effort, and effective communication. 

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